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Re: How can we integrate the buddy press theme with the user blogs?



Hi Sebastian, that really sounds great!

We have similar specs, here are my responses:

[blockquote]I will be creating a new Blog BP plugin that will be pulling all the posts, categories and comments straight from the user’s blog. [/blockquote] Doesn’t “all activity” already do that? Also, you mean straight from the users blogs (plural), right? That means, users’ blogs will show in your “home blog” right?

[blockquote]I will only be allowing one blog per user.[/blockquote] Me too, is that an existing setting?

[blockquote]Also I setup my BP installation not to use subdomains for blogs but folders.[/blockquote]Me too, seems cleaner and more appropriate for a “user,” also I couldn’t get it to install with the other method! :-)

[blockquote]I will be looking to hook into BP’s url dispatcher to use subdomains for the public profiles and will be disallowing direct access to the actual users WP blogs (maybe using .htaccess rules) so that way blogs will look and feel like they belong to the profile just like the wire, friends and eventually galleries and not a separate/independent entity the way it currently works.[/blockquote]

I don’t know what you mean by disallowing access to the actual users WP blogs. Oh, now I get it…they don’t even “post” or “see” their actual blogs.


Well, here’s something that may be a bit of a shortcut that you could try, it’s just that I don’t know how to do one step.

Just make the user blogs have the theme “buddy press home.” It looks like it works just fine. The only thing is that the user is then asked to configure widgets. If you could figure out how to allow only the main admin to configure the user blog template (including widgets), and if you could figure out how to activate and deactivate and “move around” those widgets on all user blogs simultaneously (all user blogs use one theme, and the settings are all set in one place by the global admin), then, it seems to me like we would be all set.

What do you think?



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