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Re: How can we integrate the buddy press theme with the user blogs?

Andrea Rennick


” but none of the widgets are pre-set. Member blogs come up, but each new member would have to configure their own widgets.

I’d like members to be able to join and have everything set up for them. “

Asked, answered and beat to death over in the MU forums. If it’s on the user *blogs* then it has nothing to do with Buddypress.

Do you really want widgets set up for the users (a little more work), or do you want a specific sidebar that they can’t fiddle with (dead easy). Or really, sheesh, just set up the sidebar for them buy hardcoding it consistently in the themes (if there’s only one theme for users, well, piece of cake here) and then let them add widgets if you want them to.

Which, really, is how the blogs work by default.

Tip: go over to the MU forums, explain what you want in detail in a new thread.

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