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Re: How can we integrate the buddy press theme with the user blogs?



Dear Andrea, I’m certain we could make this work, and I’d like to organize a quick skype session with you to get it done. How much would 30 min with you cost?

Here’s where I’m at:

Uses my modification of “BuddyPress Social Network Parent Theme Members”


usese my modification of “BuddyPress Default Members 1.1”

as described here

Now, “testing2” is partially working, but

1) I don’t want the users adding widgets or changing themes…frankly, if they didn’t have access to the dashboard and just had access to a Post editor, I’d be fine with that. Register, Make a blog, start posting, uploading PDF’s, audios, videos, etc.

Regarding the standard navigation, here’s how I see things:

Home should take you to the main site

not to the home of the member-blog. And it should have a running ticker of all activity (basically all blog posts).

Blog should take you to your own blog (if you are a member)

Members should take you to a sitewide list of members, not a list of the “members” of the member blog.

Groups should show the groups created by members sitewide

Forums (I think this can be removed for now).

Blogs (this should be the same as members, since each member should only be able to create one blog).

Can you see how I just want to enable a community, but I don’t want to complicate things with blogs and sub blogs and members of sub blogs etc. etc. Basically a member gets a blog, everyone sees what that member does at that blog, we all comment.

Does that make sense?



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