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Re: How can we integrate the buddy press theme with the user blogs?



Origionally, BuddyPress was designed so the user profiles was one of the blogs…. user.domain.tld.

and so that would go to todays equivalent of domain.tld/members/user. since that was the case, the theme for those blogs would be the member theme, and to access that users blog the url would be: user.domain.tld/blog. because of this, the users blog would be incorporated into their profile.

Now, buddypress users profiles are completly unrelated to blogs and reside at a different URL. Therefore, for a user to create a blog, they would make one just like they would on a normal wpmu installation and choose from any installed (and enabled) theme.

if you want the blogs to be incorperated into the theme, maybe you could modify the member theme into a standard blog theme, name the folder default and don’t enable any other blog templates for the site.

this way, when a user creates a new blog, your theme (default) will be set for it. and it will load more seamlessly.

BTW: i don’t think there is a way for u to get the exact theme from the picture and have it work but maybe you can ask someone about that.

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