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Re: How do I clear the menu bar?

John James Jacoby


Well, it could really go in a few different places. Let me take a look when I get to work to see where will work the best.

Here on BuddyPress, the “admin bar” has been nick named the “buddy bar.” It actually replaces the typical “admin bar” from a normal WPMU install.

The files for it can be found in the bp-core directory if you needed to modify it for any reason.

The buddy bar is actually loaded very last in the DOM, and it is absolutely positioned to top 0, so its essentially hovering over the body contents. Because there are at least two active themes at any given moment (home and member) you could either throw the css into homethemedir/css/site-wide.css, or all of the base.css for each theme.

But let me double check for certain. :)

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