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Re: How do I favorite a forum post?



We used to be able to Favorite forum threads here. It was one of many important pieces of functionality we’ve lost. Your favorites from the old site still exist, though, at . I haven’t a shred of a clue why @apeatling decided to omit that functionality in the new design.

I’ve ported BP-Like to work with forum posts (don’t know if it coexists happily with the original BP-Like, though, but it should), and have it working fine on my testbed install. I’ve tried to contact Hempsworth, the original BP-Like author, with no response. He’s disappeared from the BP world at least temporarily, it would seem. I’m hesitant to release it to the wild because I am a completely crap coder, and it’s a hacky cut and paste job, but like I said, it works almost perfectly for my limited purposes, and if someone with better PHP/BP skills would like to take it over and release it as a plugin, please PM me and we can talk.

Useability on and in BP in general, particularly in forums, continues to be a major, major concern.

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