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Re: How do I know what \”rc\” Im running?

RC means release candidates and it’s a programming term for referring to specific pre-release versions of software. Buddypress has had 2 so far – RC1 and RC2.

On a similar vein, most programmers use something known as a revision control repository throughout development, primarily for easy access to previous versions (“commits” in this context) of software. One of the advantages of this is that it saves duplicating a folder on your computer each time you make progress. Each commit will have a version or release number. Imagine having 1303 folders on your hard drive with only slight differences between them.

As far as we are concerned here, RC1, RC2 and rXXXX (where X are numbers) refer to a particular snapshot or version. Now Buddypress has had it’s version 1.0 release, every live website ought to be running version 1.0.

Rules of thumb: any BP-specific plugins ought to run on v1.0. Any theme that says RC1, though, probably WON’T run on v1.0. There is probably a lot of tutorials etc that refer to a specific release number (like r1303 in your example). That’s just the nature of ongoing development – documentation is prone to getting out of date easily.

If you’re trying to follow some specific instructions and get stuck, just post here and we’ll help.

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