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Re: How do I prevent profile editing from changing author url?

I don’t see how Buddypress is using this field. When I change it to a different url in the backend, Buddypress member links still take me to their profile. Or, is it used in some other way?

If you click on your name here in the forums, you get taken to your BuddyPress profile page, instead of your personal website. That feature is by design and that’s what I mean when I say BuddyPress sets your account’s website as your BuddyPress profile.

That’s not the same as my ‘home’, but I suppose you could muck about with the BuddyPress files to change the default website to be something else. I’m not sure how that would work, as all it would do would be to take you to my blog when you click on my name, vs my profile. Is that what you want?

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