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Re: How do I use an external version of bbPress with BuddyPress?



Hi, I understand that a themed external bbPress is how the current site works.

Because of that, I installed bbPress externally well over 4 times, in several different locations. I followed the instructions at the “external install” thread, which is very very long and partially outdated. I could point BuddyPress to any of my bbPress installs, I could even log into the backend of bbPress, but what I could not figure out is what code is necessary for the bbPress install to be viewed as configured in the backend within BuddyPress.

What I mean is that I created “Main Themes” in my bbPress installs, but they did not appear in BuddyPress, and I don’t know the code to make that happen.

etiviti and others, if you know how to do that and can share the code, a long saga would end in success and others would benefit as well. :-)

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