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Re: How do I use an external version of bbPress with BuddyPress?



I’m starting to pay people to help me with this…still haven’t found a coder who can do this right off the bat…

Can someone step up to the plate in mega-coolness and share the file locations and code that makes display main themes?

Installing bbPress is a pretty easy task. Setting bb-config.php to point to a particular install of bbpress is also easy…but where is BuddyPress choosing to display groups and how can that file be modified to show all of what is created in bbPress?

What I mean is, I already created Main Themes in the bbPress admin area, but they aren’t appearing in BuddyPress…the last issue for me, as I understand this situation is “what code do I need to put in which BuddyPress file to make the Main Themes appear in my forum section.”

Man, this issue is getting SO SUPER OLD…can someone come step up to the plate?

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