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Re: How do I use an external version of bbPress with BuddyPress?

Jeff Sayre


I’ve read several of the threads that you have started on this topic–and a few that you did not but have posted within–and I am still not clear what you are after. At the top of this thread, you state that:

How do I create “Main Themes” for forum discussions the way Buddypress did it here

You then list the names of the BuddyPress forums: Installing BuddyPress, How-To and Troubleshooting, etcetera. In other threads you refer to these as forums, or boards, or subforums.

For the record, what you are referring to as “Main Themes” are topics. I realize that the BuddyPress forums uses that phrase as a column heading, but it’s best to refer to them as forum topics or forum categories. Otherwise, it can be confused with the entirely different issue of creating themes for outputting content.

From all of your various threads and posts, it is not clear to me if you are having issues with:

  1. Getting your external bbPress install to display properly in your site
  2. Whether you are having issues in theming your external bbPress install so that it matches your BuddyPress theme
  3. If you are trying to get the contents of each group forum from your internal bbPress install to display as separate forum topics (categories) within your external bbPress install
  4. Whether you are trying to add forum topics (categories) to each group forum of your internal bbPress install

I’ve come to this game late, but a read through all of your postings has me confused about your real issue.

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