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Re: How do people handle upgrades on live sites?



Thanks Andrea. Sorry I have ‘inspired’ you do make a blogpost, but yes, it has become inevitable now :)

I agree with the notice, better to let people know. I thought about the index.html as well, but that would still make people loose their posts they are editing when upgrade is taken place (or is failing), wouldn’t it? have you ever tried the automated upgrade?

>Some of us with large sites do not deactivate all plugins and then reactivate later. With hundreds or thousands of blogs, it’d be a nightmare.

So you also do not (even) deactivate the BP-plugins?

>The moving of the theme only occurred during BP 1.1. Shouldn’t have to do it next time.

It is still in the upgrade instructions though and I assume that if there are theme changes this might make sense or not? I do hope somebody cleverer than me could make this process automated as well.

By the way, myself and some others had a white screen of death last upgrade. Not just just main blog, but all blogs, the moment I clicked the de-activate BuddyPress button. Apparently this could have been prevented by switching theme first. At that time I was not using a cloned child theme (now I am), so maybe that caused it.

Just shooting some ideas for your upcoming post ;-)

Cheers, Harry

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