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Re: How do people handle upgrades on live sites?

Andrea Rennick


:D I’m just finishing up a post on how to do backups.

“I thought about the index.html as well, but that would still make people loose their posts they are editing when upgrade is taken place (or is failing), wouldn’t it?”

Hopefully you’ll have booted them out & warned them. :D Don’t upgrade on the middle of a Thursday, for instance. First thing Monday morning, early on a Saturday – those are times I pick, though I also have the advantage of being in an earlier timezone than my users.

“So you also do not (even) deactivate the BP-plugins?”

I mostly do MU sites, but yeah. I’d just keep on going… (Do the instructions say to deactivate it? I can’t say I ever looked…)

I tyr the auto-upgrades first, and then if needed (or if it’s a big upgrade) I do it manually. Much safer.

“By the way, myself and some others had a white screen of death last upgrade. Not just just main blog, but all blogs, the moment I clicked the de-activate BuddyPress button. Apparently this could have been prevented by switching theme first”

Yep. the theme is looking for BP and you turned it off. :) Kind of predictable, really.

I did a post here about backups, mostly via ssh, if someone wants to give it a read-over.

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