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Re: How do users make blog posts?



When you say blog post you mean more than just updating the front page activity stream? (as seen here: )

You mean actually writing a blog post?

There’s 2 ways you might go about doing it.

1. In your blog dashboard go to “Site Admin” >> “Options” and change the “Dashboard User Default Role” to Author. That will now allow every user on your site who signs up without creating a blog of their own to be able to post on your site’s main blog.

They still won’t be able to post on the front without going into the dashboard until you switch your main blog to a theme that supports front-end posting such as P2. To make the P2 theme compatible with BP install the “Buddypress Template Pack” plugin:

2. Or you could instead go into your Dashboard to “Settings” >> “Reading” and set the “Front Page” to “Activity Stream”. Then install the “Oembed for Buddypress” plugin:

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