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Re: How do users make blog posts?




there are 3 different questions up there

1) if he’s using WP instead of WPMU then the answer to “How do users make blog posts?” is “they just can’t”. You should use BP with WPMU (not BP + WP) in order for you to enable blog posting by users.

2) “Is there a way for users to make posts to the main site blog?” – It depends on what Hypergripe means by “main site blog”. One of my installations (BP+WPMU) have two different blogs; a) one belonging to the site owner and b) others for each user. Now, Hypergripe, do you mean enabling your users to post on your blog site referred to in a)?

3) “my goal is to have users be able to make a blog post while in my site theme” – The answer of Travel-Junkie is right. However, you may have an options: style your WP back-end the same way your BP site is styled (not so very complicated if you are familiar with CSS)

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