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Re: How much PHP Memory should be allocated to BuddyPress?

Tony Zeoli


@techguy, I just went through my 1and1 cpanel. It doesn’t give you that option. @umablue, with 1and1, the only way to switch to PHP5 is to use the “Add Handler” and “Add Type” strings in your htaccess file. 1and1 won’t fully switch to PHP 5 until end of Q3, according to their web site knowledge base. I’m using the strings, so I’m on PHP 5 already.

I finally ran the Ning to BuddyPress importer. I had to turn off all other plug-ins in order to run it. Now that I’ve run it, I’m encountering a memory error on “Discussions,” which has a folder associated with it that’s 14 MB. Every where I turn with this Ning to BuddyPress migration there are issues. It’s quite challenging.

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