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Re: how to access to bbpress admin from buddypress??

How is it supposed to work out the box? I mean, it looks like the only thing that works is to create a group, which thereby creates a forum discussion. There doesn’t seem to be any way at all to administer the forums.

The site or group administrators go into a group and they will have extra controls to moderate threads. I believe all the bbPress functionality is included, but perhaps not the ability to move a thread to another forum (group).

What I’m looking to do is create forum categories or “boards” the way buddypress did here:

Then you need a seperate, external install of bbPress and then you need to integrate that into BuddyPress.

It looks like buddypress calls this a “Main Theme,” so my question could likely be better phrased: How do I create a “Main Theme” in Forums?

With the external bbPress install method, you need to create a bbPress theme to your requirements. With the BuddyPress two-click install, look at these files:

/themes/bp-default/groups/single/forum.php and the /forum directory in that path, too.

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