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Re: How to add attachments to activity updates

Roger Coathup


@faisalmajeed – we have a similar need.

Facebook allows this type of attachment for Photos, Videos, Events, Links and others.

In our case, we want to allow users to attach PDFs and URLs. URLs can be typed directly into the update (although, the Facebook approach of making adding a link explicit is perhaps easier for the novice user – additionally the FB solution does clever things liking sourcing text and thumbnail options from the URL).

Perhaps what’s stopping this in BuddyPress is that most of the attachment types we’d want are media related (images, videos), and BuddyPress doesn’t have core components to handle these.

Is this a challenge for the developers of media plugins / components ( @foxly) to also augment the activity update boxes to allow attachments?

Does the core system need to provide hooks / api that allows plugins to add attachment handling to the update boxes ( @johnjamesjacoby)? Perhaps it already exists, and I’m missing something obvious.

Has anyone else addressed / thought about the issue of adding attachments to status updates in BuddyPress?

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