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Re: how to add ‘extra’ data to the wire?




Just like with vb, I had another commercial program ‘bridged’ to wordpress. What this means is that a person registers using vb, and is auto registered in wp db, as well as other programs. Logins are also unified, so only one login is required sitewide.

Within the bridge code for each program there are extra db fields created that sync everything together. This means that user ‘xyz’ for vb is also user ‘xyz’ for wp and other software.

What this allows me to do is virtually anything I want.

For instance:

I can actually query the database for user ‘xyz’, not only am I able to find everything user ‘xyz’ has done in wp/bp but also vb and other software.

Then say I want to display all the vb posts, video’s, photo’s, from user ‘xyz’ inside of buddypress. Well it’s easy to pull the data because the programs are synced.

Now it’s just a matter of bringing that info into bp, which is the reason I asked the question in the first place.

Hope this makes sense.

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