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Re: How to add (\'per_page=35\') without messing up \”Load More\” link

@boonebgorges the Load More-link doesn’t show up at all without the code. I currently have 13 entrys total, but no Load More-link.

Edit: @boonebgorges
The Load More-link has finally shown up as the list of activities has gotten longer, but still nothing happens when I click it, except adding #more to the url in the address field in the browser.
I have realized something that may be significant though. The activities are listed on a subdomain blog, not the main blog, so there might be something with the url when it tries to load more activities.
This may also be related to the issue when clicking to reply to an activity, as it seems to try to load the form using the subdomain url. When clicking reply while viewing a single activity did and still works like it should, having always been viewed on the main domain, not the subdomain.

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