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Re: How to add special custom field into the profile?

Boone Gorges


Without a lot of custom coding, I don’t think you’re going to be able to make this work with xprofile fields. Those fields can only store data when they have been defined in the wp_bp_xprofile_fields table, but if they’re dynamically generated, that’ll be hard to do. It might be more straightforward to save the data as usermeta.

I guess I’m assuming that you want to save the field data in the bp database tables. Or are you just hoping to display the checkboxes on the profile page, and have them handled by another script?

In either case, as long as you can add fields to the profile page (which you could do either by hardcoding or hooking to the edit screen at bp_after_profile_field_content), you should be able to grab the $_POST data after xprofile edits are saved (at xprofile_screen_edit_profile) and then do whatever you want with it.

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