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Re: How to add user avatar to activity excerpts



thanks for the response fellas

If the combination of friends + personal is not currently possible I wonder is there an ‘if’ statement I could use in the profile page so that if you are viewing your own page you are shown your friends activity but if you are viewing another users’ page you see their activity.

Right now the main point of becoming friends with somebody is so that you can view their activity but unless that activity is on your main profile page it is quite ‘buried’ and unlikely to be viewed.

I’ve looked at: bp-themes/bpmember/profile/index.php and there is a line of code:

<?php if ( bp_has_activities( ‘type=personal&max=5’ ) ) : ?>

Is there a way to change this so that it says ‘”If user_is_owner type = friends else type=personal”?

This would be great

For avatars, like you Mariusooms I’ve looked at the code but can’t see how to add avatars to the activities with excerpts so if anyone can offer any tips on this as well I’ll be in 7th heaven


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