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Re: How to AutoActivate member blog by user name and retrofit old members with blog?



@jivany oh yea wpmu. so all i need to do is turn on the create a blog option and all my members will automatically have blogs….and they’ll have non-editable username domains? Sounds too good to be true.

my questions were more for getting legacy members outfitted with blogs after the fact. I don’t want to turn on the create a blog option just yet, i’m actually working towards bundling the option into 1. User signs up and they auto have a blog with their user name as their domain. I know i could remove the “just a username” button leaving the gimme a blog and that I think auto gives the user a blog with username as domain. that’s all good…

I’m refering to mass editing all those older members to give them blogs, without having to do it 1×1 or asking them to do it. there’s a couple of premium plugins that sound my do the trick but I just don’t know if they create blogs for existing members.

I’ve been to the mu forums…just trying to see if anyone here has tried something like this.

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