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Re: How to categorize Groups ?



I think a better situation would be groups of groups.. IE

Superuser Group: Admins, Mods,

Midlevel Group: Testers, lower mods,

User level Group: All users..

I have been working with this concept with my “sitewide ID” idea.. It’s in the works for my image plugin and I bet it could be used from groups as well..

Right now a user or a group can have a album assigned to it by a specific ID number that no two users or groups can have(imagine a phonebook with companies, people, government ETC. They all have numbers but arnt JUST people, or JUST companies).

I thought if I switched the groups from tracking the User ID and switched to the sitewide ID you could potentially have a group IN a group..

Then a check would be made to see if a User was apart of a group that was inturn apart of a group.. (in actuality all users would be added to the root group w/o notification)

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