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Re: How to categorize Groups ?



There is some functionality written by TravelJunkie which allows you to create group types. Find his post here:

@Erich73: Supergroups are similar and could be seen as another group category.. The ideal situation would be if you could create different categories and could also say which category could do what. For instance:

Group Cat 1: Can use forums, activity stream and groupblog plugin

Group Cat 2: Only forums

Group Cat 3: Supergroup which can do all + has an extended activity stream as described in trac:

To make it ever better it would also be cool if you could set up different desciption fields to fill in per group;

category 1 : Info, history, goals

category 2: Name, description, latest news

There must be someone who could help us out with this guys :D

edit: I am willing to pay for this plugin to be developed. Might not be the only one I think?!

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