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Re: How to control spam registration?

Sorry to pick that up… I thought I won with the spammers for I did what stwc wrote in his article (by the way – the site there is down :-()

But yesterday until now I got about 100 spam-registrations. I did not delete wp-signup.php anymore, because the “reigster” in the admin-bar anywhere else but on the root-blog needs that file… So I thought it’s not a good idea.

BUT now, the spammers registered with just the name. Although I have alot of additional, required field… How is that possible? I guess, they didn’t come in through the bp-register. Maybe the wp-signup.php directly?

I have forums disabled altogether and as far as I know this issue with registering through bb-press should not be an issue anymore.

Would appreciate if someone could give me a further tipp what to do or where they could come from.

PS: @andy (or the developers): Why is it, that on subblogs the admin-bar “register” doesn’t point to the register-slug but is somehow a redirect from wp-signup.php (which doesn’t work anymore, when I delete or empty the file…)

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