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Re: How to control spam registration?

@Michael Removing via CSS is not the same as dealing with it server side. CSS is simply a presentational language which is applied to the DOM, in order to have been able to remove via CSS requires that the elements had been outputed by the server, i.e sent to the browser; the form elements still exist. If grabbing the page using CURL or some similar means you would have that section of the form available.

Wrapping the form section in a php conditional means that as normal the file is passed to the parsing engine to process and compile into the final file to send to the browser, it sees my instruction to ignore that section so simply never includes it in final output.

I do not claim this is the best approach but it works, I do not want users to take a blog initially I would rather it a considered decision once members. Using this approach I have had no further spam blogs (other than real human twits signing up) still get user signups but at least no blogs are created.


Thanks wasn’t aware of that plugin, however do think that given the options exist exist in the backend that they could have been better thought through or even simply better worded.

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