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Re: How to create pages for groups?



The sort of functionality I was looking for was the following:

An admin of a group can go to the group settings page and select ‘Create Group Blog’, which would take them to a blog creation page.

They could set the name of the blog, they could set the privacy level (to appear in Google searches or not), and they could choose from the members of that group who would be set as contributor, editor or admin of the new blog, probably through radio buttons next to each group member.

Then, they could click ‘Create’, and the blog would be registered with the group members added and their relevant roles set.

An item in the groups sidebar, under ‘Forum, Wire’ etc, could be ‘Blog’, and would go to the designated blog for that group. We could even output their posts *within* the BuddyPress theme, either pulling from the RSS feed or directly from the DB, and have a ‘Visit the blog here’ link above the most recent posts.

Is this at all possible? I think it’s a much more user-friendly way for groups to set up team blogs.

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