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Re: How to customize the user navigation bar and user profile tabs



Hello again. I posted this question on a new topic, no responses. I’ll try asking the question here since I have received responses on this thread. Thank you. Here goes:

I added the code below in wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/members/members-loop.php, to display additional profile fields in the member directory and to display the member’s role (either ‘Subscriber’ or ‘Provider’). In the code below, I specifically checked for the user’s role to determine whether I need to display ‘Subscriber’ or ‘Provider’.


– is there a way to check for the capability instead – i.e., if the user can ‘edit posts’ then I will display ‘Subscriber’, otherwise I will display ‘Provider’? If so, can you please let me know how to do that as I have not been able to figure it out.

– is there a way to display a newline so that ‘Subscriber’ or ‘Provider’ will display on the next line, below the member’s title and company name. I tried to echo “n” but it’s not outputting a newline and I have no idea why.

Thank you for the help.



* If you want to show specific profile fields here you can,

* but it’ll add an extra query for each member in the loop

* (only one regadless of the number of fields you show):


* bp_member_profile_data( ‘field=the field name’ );


if( bp_get_member_profile_data ( ‘field=Title’ ) )

echo bp_member_profile_data( ‘field=Title’ ), ‘ (‘, bp_member_profile_data( ‘field=Company’ ), ‘)’, ‘ – ‘;

$user = new WP_User( bp_get_member_user_id() );

if ( $user->roles[0] == ‘subscriber’ )

echo ‘Subscriber’;


echo ‘Provider’;


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