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Re: How to disable a member?

Jeff Sayre


What you need to do depends on what name is in question. Is it the member’s first, last, or nick name? Is it their full name which is displayed in the profile pane of BuddyPress? The data for those names are stored in two different places.

Also I editted his name from admin dashboard, but the name does not change? Is this a bug?

Since usernames (login names) cannot be changed, you must have tried changing either the first, last, or nick name. Did the questionable name even appear in any of those fields? Did you also select the newly-changed name in the “Display name publicly as” drop down list?

But, based on what you are saying here, I assume that the questionable name is the member’s BuddyPress full name. This can only be changed in the profile pane by the user. Currently the only recourse a Site Admin has is to go into MySQL’s backend and find the questionable field in the wp_bp_xprofile_data table.

Make sure that whatever changes you made to the user’s name in WPMU’s backend, you make in this table as well.

Just to give you a little more background into what is happening:

  • When a user updates (changes) their name in the Full Name field in the BuddyPress profile pane, the changes do propagate throughout the MySQL DB. The datum in the following tables are properly updated: wp_bp_xprofile_data, wp_users, and wp_usermeta
  • But, if you make changes to a user’s nickname field in WPMU’s backend, the changes are written to wp_usermeta only for that field. The changes are not written to the wp_bp_xprofile_data or wp_users table. You can have the changes written to the wp_users table if you select the proper value from the “Display name publicly as” drop down list. But, they are never written to the corresponding BuddyPress table.
  • Finally, and this is even more confusing, changes to the nickname field are not written to the first name or last name meta values in the wp_usermeta table. Conversly, if you change the first name and/or last name fields, they are not combined and also written to the nickname field in wp_usermeta

So, there could be improvements in the way WPMU handles user name changes. But, it is a WPMU issue since changes at the Site Admin level in the backend are controlled by WPMU and not BuddyPress.

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