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Re: How to disable Gravatar completely?



I understand the point behind standard Gravatar integration in WP & BP but what if your target audience is by no means tech-savy and has very low probability of having a Gravatar account (I myself don’t even have one…)?

Doesn’t that make multiplying http requests to display the default mistery man completely pointless? And with the integrated “avatar upload” function in Buddy press, i’m guessing anyone even remotely willing to upload an avatar will do it on site…

So can’t there be a straightforward way to just get “mistery man” directly from inside the buddy press install? As I understand it, Marcus’ plugin just avoids displaying the Gravatar but still sends out requests to which is not great for page speed.

I’m pretty sure a few people are concerned with this Gravatar dependency and would rather have the choice of wether or not to use the Gravatar service to display avatars.

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