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Re: How to ged rid of the ”view” (or ”show”) button – Or: How to alter the Activity Header

@nuprn1; I know you’re trying to help, but you might as well have said “Just create world peace; end of problems”. For those who aren’t used to creating plugins, hooking into WP and BP functions, etc., (and more importantly, who don’t have the time to learn it all right now) this is quick, and it works. Also, in not just one opinion here, the View link and the improperly formatted page it leads to are not required, and confuse users who don’t play around on blogs and forums all the time. Thanks for the help and all, but it would also save time if perhaps you just posted a link to a quick way to do what you suggest..?

Edit: I thought it worth adding an extra note to say that I hope this doesn’t come across as ungrateful. We all appreciate the time and work you and others put into WP, BP and plugins. One issue that’s obvious reading around this site is that not only are people finding things confusing for end users, they’re also confused themselves, and they’re trying to build sites! All the advertising of “Famous 5 minute install” are pretty worthless to those who aren’t programmers (and don’t want to be) when they find weeks and weeks of work is required to produce something workable.

Most of us just want to build sites end users find simple and effective, and we’re using WP and BP because they’re presented as being the quickest, easiest, and most powerful way to do so. Having to continually slave away at making it all simple is time wasting, and often very frustrating for those who believe what code authors say about it being simple. Turns out, it isn’t, is it? I love the WP+BP combination, but I’ll take the shortest route to a working system that I can, because somewhere away from my hot computer there’s a life I used to lead! :)

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