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Re: How to ged rid of the ”view” (or ”show”) button – Or: How to alter the Activity Header

@nuprn1; I’m switching off and taking a much needed break, but again, thanks for your help. That function means little to me in terms of where it goes (I’m assuming in an overridden theme file). I’m also guessing that the guy who asked the original question might also say, “What?!” Yes, there’s the codex, and god knows how many more hours wasted just trying to do something *really* simple like remove a useless link! As I said, it’s *not* simple, is it? And if people who download WP and BP to build a site find it isn’t as simple as they were lead to believe, guess what? They disappear after a very short while. Right now, if I have the choice of spending 14 hours a day for months on end trying to untangle a massive ball of string or getting the knife out, I’ll get the knife out. Coding *isn’t* poetry, it’s sometimes fun, sometimes a waste of life. Sometimes both! ;)

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