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Re: How to ged rid of the ”view” (or ”show”) button – Or: How to alter the Activity Header

@corell; The View link confuses people, we find, though others here said it’s useful as a permalink for bookmarking. Without it, people could lose track of posts in the Activity stream. However, for non-techie users and those not used to Internet blogs and forums, etc., the Favourite link does a better job and means more to them. Plus, My Favourites is always there on the Activity stream page for easy access to what they’ve saved.

So, I modified a few BP core files, and saved them separately so I can overwrite the core or restore it as required. (I’d been having problems with the theme’s View page layout, and was modifying it with help from others). You can see the result at our still developing site at

I used a fast file internal search and hunted down the string “View middot” (“View” AND “middot”, not “View” + space + “middot”). Then I just remmed out the permalink insert line with /* & */. There aren’t too many files to change, but obviously, keep them separate and don’t overwrite your BP zip installer! If it helps, I use a freeware file search tool for Windows called Agent Ransack.

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