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Re: How to get a section identifier in the body tag?



Can’t get BP_REGISTER_SLUG to work. Are you sure it exists?

I don’t have bp_show_register_page() in my register.php template file, if that’s what you mean. It has bp_core_signup_do_signup().

I’ve customized a lot. It would be hell to trace back where it got lost. I’m looking for a blunt solution – botte bijl in Dutch. Something straightforward that just works.

Isn’t there a php solution to add something to the body class (in header.php) from a template file like register.php?

Edit: Oops, think I see the problem. The header still had wp_body_class() instead of my custom_body_class().

Edit2: Now remember that was deliberate. I needed a custom_body_class for bpmember, but my custom function messed up regular wp-pages, so in bphome I used wp_body_class. So why doesn’t /register have any usable tags? Very confused…

Will this be easier in version 1.1 as well? :-)

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