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Re: How to get post images in Activity if theme post has custom fields for images?



I have been working with Brajesh on this same problem for quite some time now. So far it’s not working.

Here is what we do know:

It seems to me , the problem is with the order when the custom field is saved and the post is published. If post is published before saving custom field(which happens because of auto revision mode turned on in wp), we will never be able to get the custom field data on save_post action. I am looking for some other action to hook it.

We have also tried turning off post revisions, but that made no difference.

It would be really nice to hear from ‘those that know’ what the problem may be. So far we have had no problem creating new modules in order to populate the activity stream with new custom post-types. However the stupid problem with custom fields not showing up is still present.

any dev’s care to chime in on this one?

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