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Re: How to get xprofile data to show up on child blogs (e.g. Author name and bio)



Thanks for your help @r-a-y

It’s for the next version of this website:

It’s for a network of artists. Each blog will be a specific art project, and each subscriber/author will be an artist participating in that art project. Many artists will be participating in many different art projects, and I’d like their bio information to be publicly displayed on each blog/project.

The blogs will be the public “portal” for each of the art projects, which we will us to promote the projects. The groups that are associated with each blog (with the group blog plugin) will be the internal communication tool for the artists.

I’d like all the subscribers/authors/etc (aka artists) for a given blog (aka art project) to be listed at the top of the blog’s index.php page, with a few fields from the xprofile (bio, specialty, etc.). Ideally, I’d get them to echoed in a way that was easy to feed into a snazzy jquery slider gizmo.


I’m trying to build a resource for these artists that is really 1 database with many faces, and given that I love wordpress, buddypress seemed like the best way to do that. It’s just stretching my abilities, at the moment ;)

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