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Re: How to Hard Code Custom Sidebar Code Into A Specific Sidebar



Tried to make the carriage returns understandable above.

That’s sidebar.php

To me, it seems to yielding





the error message

I’m totally cool with the links you gave, and thanks tons for them. I can figure out how to do stuff with those links…it’s all there, tags, parameters, examples, etc.

What I still don’t know how to do is where to put the dern code to make it appear in the first second or third “sections” (as described in functions.php), which I assume refers to the 1st 2nd or 3d sidebar.

There is something really really obvious to you that I am just not seeing. I am sure it is SO OBVIOUS to you that you’re kinda banging your head against the wall due to my stupidity or blindness. But I don’t know where to put the code to get the had coded widgets (or tags) into the specific sidebars in the member theme.

Please pardon my blindness on this one, since it looks like we’ve covered everything but the little key that would get me going.

If there were something like dynamic_sidebar.php that had 3 sections in it, then I’d stick the code into the right place and move on, but I just can’t find where to put the code, or how to code “put this tag into sidebar 2”

Thanks so much for going through the rounds with me on this one, and I’m again, really sorry that I am so blind here.

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