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Re: How to make a safe community?

Jeff Sayre


Yes. I will post a link here to the plugin’s announcement link.

But, just to be clear, the Privacy Component is not scheduled to be officially released until an estimated date of October 19, 2009. That means version 1.0 is not expected to be released until that time or later. Again, that date could be changed depending on a number of factors.

Also, up until the official release (version 1.0), it is considered to be in testing mode only. That means Site Admins are strongly discouraged from using the component in production environments. I do realize that some Admins choose to disregard such warnings and that is their prerogative.

Of course, just as with all free, open-source products, once this component is officially released, it does not mean that it comes with any guarantees other than it has been sufficiently tested and appears to be ready for prime time!

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