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Re: How to make a safe community?

Jeff Sayre



No, the privacy component will not be included in v1.1. It is on the roadmap to be a core feature of v1.2.

But, first, we need to do some private alpha testing. Then some non-private beta testing–meaning available to all. Once all the kinks are worked out of it, Andy will evaluate it and decide if it meets the criteria to be merged into the BuddyPress codebase as a core component.

Will there also be a feature like “hiding my activities” ?

The privacy component will offer a user a full suite of privacy control options for:

  • profile privacy filtering at the field level
  • privacy filtering activity stream by action
  • privacy filtering friends list and hiding the “Add Friend” button
  • privacy filtering the groups list
  • deciding who can instant message you
  • privacy filtering for blogs
  • privacy filtering wire posts and deciding who can post on your wire

There are also features for Site Admins that allow them to determine which privacy components are enabled (by default, all are enabled).

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