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Re: How to make a safe community?

Jeff Sayre



There are a number of new hooks and an array object that need to be available for the privacy component to function. Although the alpha versions may work with v1.1, the full-blown version is really targeted for v1.2 and will require that as a minimum.

Concerning your wire post, for some reason, I believe that I never received that email. Strange, since I do have all my email notifications set to “Yes”.

But, to answer that specific question, your direct calls to xprofile fields should still function properly. Since you are pulling your data directly from the table and not from a templatetag function, you should be fine. Now, if you want your direct calls to be subjected to privacy control, then that is a different matter. You would then need to pull your data after the fields array has been filtered.

There is a separate table that gets installed that handles all privacy object settings. The privacy component filters the fields array that populates the profile page, removing any field-level elements that a given user chooses to hide from a given viewer category.

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