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Re: How to make Facebook Style Activity Stream

On a related note, one thing Facebook does really well is filtering and post type identification. In BuddyPress… all updates look about the same. A small icon for each type of event (friend add, new forum post, etc.) would go a LONG way to making the stream easier to understand at a glance.

Also… the filter menu is kind of a mess. I would get rid of the “Show Show Show” text… makes is much harder to scan. And I also think I would not hide the filters in a drop down where they are much less likely to ever be used. Facebook has a linked list with icons for filtering. Much nice interface than a drop down.

I know some of the icon stuff might be possible via theme development. I’ll look into that. But it would be nice if the default theme itself included more default visual cues. It’s pretty much 100% text-based right now.

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