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Re: How to move sidebar to left

One other thing about the layout, the positioning of the admin bar is not too clever with regards IE early versions that never understood position fixed, and other approaches would need to be found unless happy to have that adminbar actually sit as a footer.

With site layouts and sidebar columns a standard framwork I have always employed as a base is essentially two main parent containers along with a #content-wrap ( = bp #content) and a #content (bp = .padder) with either one or two sidebars that follow immediately after #content closes, using that arrangement one can fashion source ordered layouts with one or two sidebar, placed singularly left or right or flanking the content as a pair, with the a very simple group of rulesets to provide layout switching based on html or body IDs. #content-wrap is always floated with negative side margin as appropriate #content with a positive margin as appropriate, sidebars will drop into place using negative margins, the one oddity is that one has to be aware of the content-wrap float direction and that it must state a width otherwise earlier versions of Opera would have a fit

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