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Re: How to remove Login sidebar from BP 1.2 Default Theme




Thanks for the follow-up. I tried and it worked fine. Now, what’s odd is that (with the exception of the Custom Styles section) the lines in my file were the same. Okay, so my only explanation is that I must have had something else wrong on my site – after all, it was in the wee hours of the night that i was experimenting.

Soooo, thank you for your input.

Now, as I played with it more, I was able to successfully create my own unique child theme. I commented out the code for the sidebar login block (AND the comparable logout display) in sidebar.php but, here’s my question: why do your lines work?


#login-text{display: none;}

I went poking around in the buddypress forum and developers area but i didn’t find a comparable reference. How did you know about this “shortcut” (so i can find other such items if i need them)?

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