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Re: How to remove Login sidebar from BP 1.2 Default Theme

Yup… it’s not a widget. Two options which would involved making a child theme. Don’t worry… it’s really simple:

  1. Make a child theme with a custom sidebar.php file and comment out or delete the login block of code.
  2. Make a child theme and add this line to your “style.css” file

#login-text, sidebar-login-form {display: none;}

I suppose you could also try adding the code below to a “custom.php” file and putting it in your plugins directory (no child theme required)… but now I’m just getting silly. LOL (I haven’t tested this BTW).


add_action('wp_head', 'hide_login');
function hide_login() {
echo <<<CSS

<style type='text/css'>
#login-text, sidebar-login-form {display: none;}



or even this! (very silly)


add_action('bp_before_sidebar_login_form', 'open_login_comment');
function open_login_comment() { echo '<!--' }

add_action('bp_after_sidebar_login_form', 'close_login_comment');
function close_login_comment() { echo '-->' }


So how to you intend for people to login? Just via the regular WordPress login?

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