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Re: How to remove Login sidebar from BP 1.2 Default Theme



Well, I tried all 4 options but have had no luck. At the heart of #1 & #2 was the fact that building a child theme (at least, for me) did not work. The description on the link seems straight forward enough but as i put files in-place (even without any additional customization attempt) the BP default theme did not fully recreate itself – i.e. neither the adminbar nor the sidebar re-appeared after i activated my skeleton theme. Approach #3 & #4 are very clever but they didn’t work wither. on #4, i think it didn’t like the echo statement not being terminated with a “;” and even after trying that it still threw an error.

The positive out of this is that you’ve convinced me that creating a child theme really isn’t that hard. unfortunately, I just don’t have thte time nw to figure out why it didn’t work — although i triple-checked file placement, content, etc.

Presumably, others are creating child themes so i must be over-looking something very simple. I’ll come back to this another day. (Of course, if you – or anyone – have any other suggestions, let me know and I’ll try those when i resume).

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