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Re: How to use full name, first name + last name



So, my best advice is that you will have to do as Mike Pratt suggests and then code a custom function to extract the new firstname and lastname data from an xprofile table as you see fit, or just output that data in your theme files.

I’m not too worried about displaying firstname and lastname once they are in the database, whereever they end up. My problem is how to customize the registration process to get them there, trying to find the shortest route, avoid redundancies.

As far as registration, have you looked at Mike’s site ( to see what he does? If that is what you want, you should PM him and get more advice.

That is exactly what I want to avoid! Username is still at the top. I want to eliminate that impersonal username as much as possible. I want a simple, inviting, natural registration form like this:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Blog name (=username, preferably auto-generated from first+last name)

That should be enough! Additional optional profile fields would be on a next page or in the members account settings.

Mike’s site has too many required fields. I assume Display Name is the default full name field in Buddypress and that he just added the others as custom fields.

This form has username + display name + first name + last name; way too confusing and annoying to potential members. Totally unnecessary, but understandable since Buddypress/WPMU makes it almost impossible to do anything else.

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