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Re: How to use full name, first name + last name



So, unless you hack the wp-signup.php or register.php files, and require that a full name be provided when registering…

That’s what I want then. I thought it already was a required field in the Buddypress registration. Anyway ‘Dear User’ is not acceptable. There must be a way to get the full name from sign-up in there. That’s how most professional sites do it.

I’ll look into profile-loop.php. Thanks for that pointer.

Buddypress/WPMU just makes it really hard for someone who’s not a real PHP-programmer to add/retrieve additional member data. In my old home-baked site there’s one table with all member data (name, company, city, etc.) and straightforward queries.

Where should I start when I want replicate something like that in Buddypress?

Any piece of stored data can be accessed and spit out in any number of ways.

How? Is it all hardcore PHP programming from scratch? Are there code examples anywhere? Documentation that explains how to do it?

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