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Re: Howto upgrade WPMU with BP running



This might be the long version, but

1. When I needed to upgrade, I backed up my database and copied all the buddypress files into another file called “bosox” (just make up a name). I think you may need to copy your avatars and other stuff into your new install from the old one, so don’t delete the old Buddypress files for awhile!

2. Then I added the Buddypress files to their new locations and activated it. If you have heavy customization to CSS, you’ll need to re-do the changes (reference your old CSS files).

3. You’ll also need to:

– select and activate themes

– move all your plugins to the new plugin location (it changes in 1.0 from your version)

– copy avatar files into the new location (I had to do this, but not everyone did)

Those are the basics. All the best to you!

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