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Re: HTML tags in group forums

r-a-y; that’s a question for a new topic. If I could move posts I’d start one for you, but I can’t, so if you make a new thread I’ll repost this response into it later…

The best way is for you to duplicate your database and site, and perform an upgrade using the current trunk, and see what issues you run into. This is also needed for valuable testing / bug reporting as necessary.

XML-RPC BBPress has been removed, totally. Again, install a test installation of trunk – on the Forums Setup page of the admin menu, there’s an option to either set up a new installation or to use an existing database.

I tried this for the first time last weekend, and setting up a new forum installation was as easy as pressing one button – it’s amazing.

The upgrade button I haven’t tried yet, but it requires you to put in a path for your existing BBPress bb-config.php file. As long as you are using the latest version of BBPress, I can’t think of any issues – possibilities are the server not being able to read the files in a different folder, but if your server is working with the XML-RPC at the moment, then that’s not going to be an issue.

So, “how would that work?” AWESOMELY.

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